Reliable precast concrete manhole solutions for sewer management and access.

Why should you incorporate precast concrete manholes in your next sewer construction project?

Precast concrete manholes are a critical component to any sewer system and provide an access or observation point for pipe junctions. With a properly designed and sized precast manhole, it is possible to create a water-tight space that allows for inspection, maintenance and future upgrade of a sanitary or storm sewer system.

The advantage of using precast manholes is that installation is fairly simple. In contrast to poured in place structures, precast installation can be completed with simple machinery and a small group of professionals.

What to look for in a precast manhole supplier.

A track record of implementing strong, corrosion-resistant material that withstands freezing and thawing weather cycles.

Design capabilities that address the project’s unique water and debris flow needs.

Portfolio of sizes, shapes, bases, flat tops, cones, and section height options to promote a clog-free flow of water and debris given your project specifications.

Precast Manhole Shapes

Round Structures

The purpose of a precast concrete manhole is to provide an intersection point and access to sewer lines below. Round manholes offer flexibility in the angle of intersecting pipes as well as design advantages. The wall thickness of round manhole structures doesn’t increase nearly as much with increasing depth due to the inherently strong nature of round structures.

Rendering of Precast Manhole
Rectangular / Square Structures

Square or rectangular precast concrete manholes also serve as an intersection and access point similar to round manholes. The primary advantage of square and rectangular manholes is the ability to accommodate larger pipes intersecting at 90 degree angles without significantly increasing the overall size of the structure.

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Featured Suppliers of Precast Manholes

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Producer of precast manholes
Producer of Precast Manholes
producer of precast manholes