A premium quality precast concrete manhole, when properly installed, can last 100 years. It is important to meet with a qualified supplier early in the installation process for a design that meets the needs of the project. Most products can then be installed in just one day with the use of small equipment.

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Basic Precast Concrete Manhole Installation Instructions

Determine the location where the manhole is to be installed.

Tip: Locations should be clearly marked on the project plans.

Excavate to the proper elevation as indicated on the project drawings.

Tip: Be sure to account for additional depth as bedding material is generally required below manholes.

Install the bedding material to the proper thickness and compact.

Tip: Proper compaction will prevent shifting and settling of the structure over time.

Tip: Be sure to excavate enough material around the structure’s location to provide adequate space for the proper compaction equipment of the backfill material.

Install the manhole structure by lifting and setting it in place.
Tip: The manhole should be located per the plans and installed level.

Tip: Stack additional sections as required, grouting or applying mastic strips per the project requirements.

Place the grate or lid on top of the manhole and cover as required to prevent soil from entering during the backfilling process.
Backfill the structure in 12-inch lifts using a vibratory compactor for granular soils and a sheep’s foot roller for cohesive material.

Equipment Required for Precast Concrete Manhole Installation

Installation of precast concrete manholes should be completed by qualified and knowledgeable contractors. Be sure to follow all local and project requirements.

Necessary installation equipment and supplies:

  • Excavator or backhoe
  • Vibratory compactor and/or sheep’s foot roller
  • Any proper bracing that is required
  • Sealants, grouts, and mastic as required
  • All proper safety equipment and PPE
Precast Concrete Advantages for Installers
  • Ease and speed of installation
  • In-stock availability of many standard sizes
  • Customization to fit project needs
  • Compelling upfront costs as many required materials are supplied by producers (ie. Sealants, grates, mastic)
  • Dedicated and knowledgeable sales staff

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